The Winfield Foley Fire Protection District is proud to announce that it has achieved an improvement in its Public Protection Class (PPC) rating, as determined by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), from 9 to 6. Since PPC ratings by the ISO are used by most insurance companies as a guide in setting rates, this could mean up to an approximately 13% drop in insurance premiums for buildings within 5 road miles of any of the District’s 4 stations.

“ISO takes a lot into consideration when they do the audit: evaluation of trucks and hydrants, the training program, and our code enforcement program,” said Cory Swafford, District Chief, pointing out that the hard work and dedicated effort of the volunteer firefighters of the District had much to do with the result.

“We have been carefully investing toward this end”, said District Board of Directors Chairman Tony Hunt. He noted the new rating will take effect as of April 1, 2016 and owners should call their insurance company to make sure the company is aware of the change.

Further questions regarding the change should be directed to the district office at 636-566-8406, or by email at